#RefugeesGR Protest in #Athens: #EU Shame on You! Equal Rights For All!

Enough is Enough!

Earlier today people marched from the Greek Labor Ministry to the European Commission’s office in Athens, Greece. The protesters demand equal rights for all people.


Image: Protesters in Ahthens demanded equal rights for all people, to stop deportations and to cancel the EU/Turkey deal.

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#RefugeesGR Amir Hampay Released From #Moria Prison; Bahrooz Arash and Kozhin Hussein Still Imprisoned

Enough is Enough!

Statement by hunger striker Arash Hampay, who’s brother was released from the Moria prison camp yesterday. Bahrooz Arash and Kozhin Hussein are still imprisoned. The hunger strike continues. The hunger strikers are calling on activists overseas to show their support by fasting for 24 hours and publishing their action on social media with hashtag #freedomstrikelesvos


Image: Arash Hampay during a medical check-up in the Mytilini Hospital His friends insisted that Arash went to the hospital because he started to vomit after drinking water. Image by Twitter account@AHampay

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مظاهرات في العراق ضد النظام: خبز, و حرية و الدولة المدنية – Demonstrations in Iraq against the regime: bread, freedom and civil state

Syria Freedom Forever - سوريا الحرية للأبد

في بغداد، ألمتظاهرون يهتفون “خبز, وحرية و الدولة المدنية – In Baghdad, protesters chanting “bread, freedom and civil state”

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