Action: Solidarity with CA Hunger Strikers


In 2011, over 12,000 prisoners, their family and other community members participated in statewide hunger strikes protesting the inhumane conditions in California’s Security Housing Units (SHU or solitary confinement). [See Amnesty International’s investigative report. [PDF]] California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation promised meaningful reform as a result of those protests, but nothing meaningful has reached the people living in these cages. Prisoners have announced another hunger strike will begin July 8th because of CDCR’s failure to fulfill that promise.

On July 8, prisoners living in the SHUs at Pelican Bay and other prisons will resume their hunger strike and work stoppages if decisive action is not taken by the State before then.

On July 13, we will mobilize from around California to Corcoran State Prison—which isolates over 1,600 people in solitary confinement—to stand in solidarity with striking prisoners across the state. We must take this movement to the prison gates and show the Governor and the Department of Corrections that we support the prisoners and demand that the Governor meet with prisoner representatives immediately to negotiate their demands!

California currently holds nearly 12,000 people in extreme isolation. The state spends over $60 million per year on maintaining prisoners in isolation.

Demand the State of California stop the torture!

Show your support for the hunger strikers!

Organize to help win their demands!

Rally at Corcoran State Prison on July 13th!

Join the event and find more information on the Facebook event page here.


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