Secret deal between Canada’s spies and border guards raises concerns

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Apatzingán Massacre, It Isn’t Over For A Survivor and his Family

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January 6, 2015. Federal police opened fire on day laborers and people that were conducting a sit-in in front of the municipal palace in Apatzingán, Michoacán.  Those conducting the sit-in were members and supporters of the self defense groups, they were unarmed and the dead had powder marks indicating they were executed at close range. Their bodies littered the streets, treated like garbage. The authorities said they were armed and members of organized crime. Evidence and witnesses denied the official version. It was a mass street execution, at the hands of federal police. Two separate but related armed attacks on unarmed people. 16 dead.


This happened months ago, and after the police were finished firing their automatic weapons while shouting, “kill them like the dogs they are!” you would think it would be over. Families preparing to bury their loved ones, witnesses giving their accounts, others keeping quiet out of…

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A perspective on the Political Project of Blackness in America

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Every subaltern political tradition begins first as the imposition of categories of oppression by the dominant groups. When African peoples–from different cultural traditions and cities—were taken from their homes and intentionally placed with peoples from different groups (ethnicities) the Black race begun. In  an article by socialist activist and educator Brian Jones he states that blackness is imposed on people and is not chosen. He is quite right. On the other hand what Jones doesn’t acknowledge so clearly is that historically blackness is not just a descriptive label for how people look, but a code indicating a long and enduring history of political, cultural, and economic processes of oppression and also resistance to oppression. The historic construction of blackness has been and continues to be firmly rooted in class/exploitation of human labor.

Once a dominant group successfully imposes on people a common social and material condition that is distinct from the…

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[Photos] Graffiti Artist Vs Graffiti Removal Plays Out In Hilarious Sequence

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“I cycled past this wall on the way to work for years,” wrote Mobstr in an introduction to the photos. “I noticed that graffiti painted within the red area was “buffed” with red paint. However, graffiti outside of the red area would be removed via pressure washing. This prompted the start of an experiment. Unlike other works, I was very uncertain as to what results it would yield. Below is what transpired over the course of a year.”

EZLN Denunciation of Paramilitary Attack.

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EZLN Denunciation of Paramilitary Attack

New Paramilitary Attack. Caracol Resistance Towards a New Dawn, La Garrucha


Zapatista Army for National Liberation


June 25, 2015

To the National and International Sixth:

As we already know, the bad government mixes fraud with violence. It doesn’t matter which political party they’re from, those who rule always seek to stay above on the backs of those below. The Ruler himself feigns deafness; these denunciations don’t matter to him because he pays the press well to say nice things him.

Before, it was Juan Sabines Guerrero, the one everyone insisted was very much a leftist politician. The progressive politicians came to receive awards from him, and even “the legitimate one”[i] came to shout enthusiastically, “long live Juan Sabines!” It is the very same Juan Sabines Guerrero who set it up so that his successor in government would be that ‘famous blonde’ Manuel Velasco…

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Arubian man beaten to death by Hague police

Arubian man beaten to death by Hague police

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11112580_824344884268077_8358363592964096735_nYesterday (Saturday June 27, 2015), Hague police officers beat 42 year old Arubian Mitch Henriquez to death after the “Night in the Park” Festival in Zuiderpark in The Hague, the Netherlands. In a statement, the Prosecutor’s Officer (OM) stated that Henriquez began to feel unwell on the way to the police station. However, it is apparent from video footage that he was already unconscious or in a coma before he was thrown into the police bus without receiving any medical attention.

Witnesses said that Henriquez was making jokes with friends after the festival, when a group of officers tackled him. Henriquez fell into a coma, and died today at the hospital. According to bystanders and his family, police officers used a lot of force to arrest him. According to the “official” statement from the OM, Henriquez supposedly yelled that he had a weapon and then resisted arrest, leading to the…

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Solidarity With The Greek Struggle

By Sam Hamad

CD9uZ9iUkAEcTbtJust because the SYRIZA government has solidarity with Al-Sisi, as opposed to those who resist his regime, and enthusiastically sign racist, imperialistic ‘counter-terrorism’ deals with the fascist mass murderer, doesn’t mean that I can’t or won’t support resistance to the Troika’s determination to impose more devastating austerity on not leftist pin-ups like Alexis Tsipras or Yanis Varoufakis, but on the already shattered Greek people. These are the clear dynamics of the upcoming referendum. I resolutely oppose those who want to use the crisis caused by the avarice of finance capitalists to reshape societies in the image of those very same finance capitalists, and, therefore, within the context of this struggle, I support all those who oppose the cruel strategy of austerity.

On the other hand, SYRIZA’s deals with Sisi ought not to be ignored, as it has been by most of their supporters in the international left (it certainly won’t be forgotten by revolutionary Egyptians), as it tells you much about the political nature of the party (it certainly kills the idea that they’re somehow ‘radical’ beyond the dynamics of the anti-austerity struggle), but, to be biblical about it, I do rather agree with the sentiment of ‘do unto others’ etc. etc.. To not support the Greek people’s struggle against austerity based on their elected government’s support for fascistic counter-revolutionary tyrannies would make you as bad as SYRIZA in this regard. Solidarity with the oppressed, whatever it’s worth, ought never to be selective. I want to be better than them.