First Nations Assert Food Fishing Rights In Area of Fish Farm Restocking

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fish farm demandsMusgamagw Dzawada’enuxw Cleansing Our Waters, October 23, 2017
Press Release
First Nations Assert Food Fishing Rights In Area of Fish Farm Restocking Several food-fishing gillnet boats operated by ‘Namgis and Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw fishermen in Knight Inlet were approached on Friday evening by a salmon smolt restocking vessel, the Orca Chief, operated by the Norwegian-owned company Marine Harvest, on its way to restock the Port Elizabeth fish farm, owned by the same company.

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#OpenTheIslands #Lesvos: Cops Threatened to Arrest Protesting #RefugeesGR

#OpenTheIslands #Lesvos: Cops Threatened to Arrest Protesting #RefugeesGR

Enough is Enough!

On the fifth day of refugees protests at Lesvos, Greek cops threatened to arrest the protesting refugees. But the refugees continued their protests and demand to be allowed to leave the island and travel to the main land. A report and video by Arash Hampay.


Image: Sick children at Lesvos. Image by Arash Hampay Facebook page.

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The act of forgiving (and forgetting)

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wissam al jazairy Picture by Wissam Al Jazairy

Forgive (Verb):

  • Stop feeling angry or resentful towards (someone) for an offence, flaw, or mistake.
  • No longer feel angry about or wish to punish (an offence, flaw, or mistake).

[Oxford online dictionary]

For six years Assad has waged a campaign of extermination against a people who rose for freedom. His crimes have been so well documented, by both testimony and photographic evidence, that the international community is left in little doubt that this man, and his regime, have perpetrated atrocities on such a scale that they amount to crimes against humanity.

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