Bay Area Intifada’s Black August Media Series – Episode 1: How To Make A Pig Act in A Desired Manner (1968)

Black Panther Party Chairman Bobby Seale, sets the mic ablaze, bringing it…

In commemoration of Black August, Bay Area Intifada will be sharing a variety of audio, video and photographic media throughout the month every 2-3 days. This is the first in the series, listen and share. Keep paying attention we’ll be sharing the next one, on Wednesday or Thursday.

This is a VERY timely and resonant speech by the Chairman for a time, like the present, where black murder by police is in the spotlight. Aside from some of the “jive assed turkey” references, what is broken down here might as well be spoken today, the problems are not just the same but worse. This isn’t the tame BBQ Sauce selling Bobby Seale of today here, nope, this is the Bobby spittin’ that fire that made J Edgar Hoover twitch, twist and cringe.

“What is a Pig? – A low natured beast that has no regard for law, justice, or the rights of people; a creature that bites the hand that feeds it; a foul depraved traducer, usually found masquerading as the victim of an unprovoked attack.” – Black Panther Party Minister of Defense, Huey P Newton

South Asians, Islamophobia, anti-blackness and the internalization of racism


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One facet of the white domination of ethnic minorities in Britain has been divide and rule. Instead of ethnic minorities all uniting together against oppressive white racism, some ethnic groups look to align themselves with white people, in order to gain certain privileges.

This is not always the fault of said communities, but more a reflection of the way people are forced to internalize their racism within this model of “multiculturalism”. Proximity to whiteness is seen as desirable within a society where structural racism makes it difficult for those who are not white to progress.

One community that has done this more effectively than most is the British Indian community, particularly Hindus and Sikhs. They have taken on attitudes of anti-blackness and Islamopbobia, to gain proximity to whiteness and the acceptance of many British people. Part of this springs from colonial ideals of “chosen races”.

I remember when I was studying my undergraduate degree at SOAS, one imperialist white class-mate spoke to me about how his grandfather fought alongside Sikhs, as if this was something we should bond over and as if this was something I should be proud of. Good old Sikhs, following the white man into battle. Yet rather than being something to be proud of it is a sign of how South Asian’s were enslaved by the British and forced to fight under the pretence of “liberation” and “democracy” despite the fact their own country was occupied.

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At the border the real victims are the people who need to cross it!

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In recent weeks there has been a lot of sensationalist reporting on the number of migrants who are currently trying to make their way to the UK. Receiving less attention though is the brutality these people must endure during their attempts to make the journey. Each of those 1,000+ thwarted attempts represents a person coming into contact with police or security. The actions of these forces are often wholly disproportionate and verge on sadistic. CS gas is sprayed indiscriminately by French police on people that only want to leave their country.

This video, shot in May on the highway entrance to the Eurotunnel, provides some context for the everyday violence against migrants here in Calais. Keep in mind though that this is but one of the many places in which people experience intimidation and brutality, and that the most serious events happen where the police are sure there can be…

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The crisis is the border!

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The number of migrants that are being caught trying to cross to the UK by the Eurotunnel is grabbing sensationalist headlines and renewed attention from the British government. However, first and foremost, it is important to clarify that these numbers of 1,500 to 2,000 people are not in fact the number of people trying to cross in one time, but rather the total number of people caught in one night. After being caught, migrants are loaded onto a coach and then driven out of the Eurotunnel complex and released by the KFC from where they go to try again. People try many times in one night leading to these exaggerated figures. Nevertheless, we should not be surprised that the state is taking the chance to exploit this media hype to call for more security.

However, increasing security at the Eurotunnel again will not stop the people from trying and only…

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EZLN: Second level of the little Zapatista school

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Colectivo Pintar Obedeciendo / Painting Collective Obeying. Colectivo Pintar Obedeciendo / Painting Collective Obeying.

July 27, 2015

To the National and International Sixth:
To the former students of the Zapatista Little School:

The date for the second grade (only for those who passed the first) of the Zapatista Little School is approaching.

As we had previously announced, the dates are July 31 and August 1 and 2 of 2015.

No, don’t rush. This time it isn’t about coming to Zapatista territory. Rather, this time it is about not coming here, at least not for the Little School. The second grade will be everywhere, outside of Zapatista territories.

Let us explain:

As we have already said, we see that the economic situation is really difficult. Well, not just the economic situation. The government repression against the Native peoples, including the Yaquis (in Sonora) and Nahuas (in Santa María Ostula, Michoacán, and in Ayotitlán, Jalisco)…

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[Video] Pakistani Authorities Continue to Destroy Refugee Camps Around the Country

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Pakistani Authorities Continue to Destroy Refugee Camps Around the Country

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“Residents of a mud shantytown in Islamabad‬ have received orders to leave their homes before their neighborhood is destroyed. The inhabitants, mostly Afghan refugees and displaced Pakistanis, say authorities believe the district is a hotbed of militancy.” – RFE/RL

The destruction of refugee camps is part of a broader strategy to expel Afghan refugees from Pakistan entirely. Mass sweeps are scheduled to take place in many areas including ‪#‎Peshawar‬ later this year. Continue reading