Support the Trayvon 2 This Wednesday


From The Black Riders


When : Wednesday, November 20 at 10:00am
Where: 661 Washington St Oakland, CA 94607

The Black Riders Liberation Party calls on all comrades, allies, sympathizers and all Freedom loving peoples to participate in kkkourt watch observation for two innocent brothers Hannibal and Tanzeen (Trayvon 2), who were wrongfully targeted and framed for exercising their so-called constitutional rights to Freedom of speech and Freedom of assembly. These trumped up felony charges come from the brothers participating in a rally and march in protest of the acquittal of racist George Zimmerman for the lynching of Black teen Trayvon Martin.

When the actions in response to the Kangaroo kkkourt Zimmerman verdict happened, many people were doing many things to rebel against the system of exploitation and white supremacy. In fact at least four or five other people were arrested with these brothers and now they are the only two still facing any charges. We believe that these comrades were targeted not only because of them being outspoken organizers against injustice but also because they are Muslims and dark men.

When the conditions of kkkapitalism become so repressive that there are more people in prison today than were enslaved in 1850 it becomes clear that we are living in a fascist regime that exploits dark human lives to feed the Prison Industrial Complex. Moreover when there are brave people who decide to resist against such oppressive conditions they are met with the legal and military arm of the State in attempts to neutralize their efforts and prevent others from joining in the struggle. We saw that the State purposefully ignored the reasonable demands of the 30,000 plus comrades who participated in the largest hunger strike in history. We are also seeing now that the State is trying to attack our comrades and neutralize their organizing efforts against white supremacy.

The State is offering these brothers plea bargains that include jail time, four way searches and more unjust bullshit to neutralize their organizing efforts. But they have remained defiant and we will be there in solidarity with them. We are calling all people who don’t fear freedom to come in support and observe the kkkourt room which is known for railroading dark men and women for years into the Prison Industrial Complex! WE NEED AS MANY PEOPLE THERE AS ARE PHYSICALLY ABLE SO THE STATE WILL NEED TO THINK TWICE ABOUT RAILROADING THEM!ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE WHO DON’T FEAR FREEDOM!

If you can’t be at the hearing (or even if you can), please donate here to the Trayvon 2 legal fund. Even if you only have a little, it helps.

The Facebook event page is here.

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