[Video] Family of Christopher Lopez Awarded $3 Mil by The Colorado Department of Corrections for Laughing and Ignoring Inmate as He Died

Mentally ill inmate, Christopher Lopez, died while shackled in Colorado Department of Corrections San Carlos Correctional Facility prison.

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17 thoughts on “[Video] Family of Christopher Lopez Awarded $3 Mil by The Colorado Department of Corrections for Laughing and Ignoring Inmate as He Died

  1. The nurse at 42:00m is just as incompetent as the officers involved in his care. It’s sad that a man had to lose his life over such stupidity. Those incarcerated deserve the same amount of care and respect as every other human does. We all bleed the same color.

  2. My heart is broken after watching this poor man suffer, so many people around that did absolutely nothing to save his life. Makes me sick! It was very obvious that there was something wrong, what is wrong with these ignorant assholes. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. May he rest in peace and be free of all pain. So sorry for your loss.

  3. Chilling,how many officers where involved? Who is responsible? Really good video, we should all be afraid and stay away from police and justice system…. run them out of office and take their jobs away from them… money can talk back and get rid of this corrupt system.

  4. I can’t believe that these people can be this cruel to another human being.they where giving Cpr to dead man? Cpr they don’t know how to apply. They say Cops are good!! My Ass.they killed this Man period.i hope one of them is reading this comment. Fuck you All!!!!bastards!!!!!

  5. come to fl. they have a prisoner secreted in another state who saw guards beat a man to death. other guards boiled a man with an iq of 70 to death. killed another by throwing tear gas under his cell door and refusing to open the door. and that is just the ones I know about. private prisons, public shame.

  6. Nunca habia visto que en pais como este hubira tantas persona trabajando para el gobierno tan mala nadie piensa que va a morir de esa manera y sin nadie que pueda ayudarte, y despues tantos oficiales riendose y burlandose yo no quiero estar en el cuero de ello cuando le toque a ellos .

  7. Very sad makes me HATE every member of these criminal gangs in blue .. they are nothing but Cowards and THUGS .. I am so sad to think my son is a member of one of these gangs .. do not want to have anything to do with him or them :/

  8. This just breaks my heart into a million peices. How can any human being stand by and watch this happen. They kept wanting a response…yet no one thought that maybe he was unable to respond.
    I went to jail here in Georgia over a traffic violation and didnt have the money to bail out, I sat in for three days…and I was appauled at the way the jailers and medical staff treated us. After that experience…this does not surprise me…my heart goes out to him having to die this way…may your soul be at rest.

  9. This is so wrong should have all gor charged with murder my sorrys to the family. Just because your a law braker dont mean u or a dog. I would have beenrageing till thay helped him and 3min for a life not worth it to me no goodsry fucks. Brake the law tthis is what happens he probably broke the lew trying to live in this fucked up world

  10. Omg had to post agen been thinking all day I had a medical problem when I got locked up and just to think that could have been me or my family I promise to chris and his family when I get or if I get locked up agen im bust the first fucking sorry ass pic I get my eyes on then say thats for Chris. Thay will not know what hit them ill make sure as thay strap me to chair and record me acting a dam foolthat im ddoing this because of this incident. And hopefully it gets u more justice then 3mil. That will never bring back the love ones u lost. Also what was he in for cant be much because he was not dressed out or in population atm if that family see this post please email me with info ill make sure that this gets out to everyone and make sure everyone that did this is published for their wrong doing agen im so very sorry for your loss and and sick to know all that justiceu got was 3min tthe pics probablystill have a job iI will repost this on mt fb and have everyone I know to do the same to get chirs story out

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