Drawing Lines: The Myth of The White Radical

It is important that we as a society move past the idea that white supremacy is only for the skin heads and Nazis. White supremacy is the throughline of our society instilled in us from the time we are born and will stay in us until we die. Even though we are able to recognize that we live in a white supremacist society and that we want to no longer perpetuate that, we must understand that we still are all white supremacists. The process of deconstruction, in this case deconstructing white supremacy is one that should not end. We will be deconstructing white supremacy, patriarchy, transmisogny, human supremacy, and albism until the day we die – It is how we were cultivated. This is crucial and is fundamental to radicalism. We must get to the root of these things by understanding how we ourselves perpetuate them. It is only from…

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