Our historical obligation: to pursue the total liberation of all oppressed people

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BY Kijana Tashiri Askari

“Whereas slavery, throughout its entire existence in the United States, is none other than a most barbarous, unprovoked and unjustifiable war of one portion of its citizens upon another portion – the only conditions of which are perpetual imprisonment and hopeless servitude or absolute extermination …” – Preamble to John Brown’s Provisional Constitution, 1858

Since the inception of our first hunger strike in July 2011, I’ve been repeatedly asked, “Why did you risk putting your life on the line and go on all three hunger strikes?” My response has simply been this: We New Afrikans have a historical obligation to protect and serve the people through the crucible of forging a united front by joining forces with ALL like-minded individuals, regardless of race, color, creed or gender. Our historical obligation in particular is rooted in the year 1619 via the Trans-Atlantic slave trade from which the Abolitionist Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the Black Liberation Movement and the New Afrikan Independence Movement were spawned.

Our historical obligation has left us with the choice of freedom or death, meaning that it is up to us to go about liberating ourselves from the torturous and oppressive political, social, cultural and economic living conditions that the ruling class has subjugated us to in solitary confinement for the past 40-plus years via U.S. colonial rule. Or we could have accepted the prescribed role of oppressed man and woman for the next 40-plus years, which would have assured our eventual demise! Note: We must never forget all of the women prisoners who courageously stood in solidarity with us. Continue reading

Racial Transfers of Wealth Via Under-Funded Municipal Pensions

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OPD “mug shots” displayed during a department reunion held in Reno, Nevada in 2005. Many of the shots are of officers employed in the 1970s and 1980s, hired before the PFRS pension system was closed to new members. OPD’s cops from that era were mostly white men.

I’ve been working on an article over the last two weeks about Oakland’s much talked about, but little understood Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS).

Fiscal conservatives constantly cry that the sky is falling, that the PFRS obligation to Oakland’s retired public safety employees will bankrupt the city, especially because of the massive issuance of pension obligation bonds used by Oakland to finance legally required contributions since 1997. These conservative commentators are mistaken, I think. The underfunding of the PFRS is certainly a problem, but not for the reasons they say.

I’m interested in re-framing the discussion about PFRS, away from the…

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The Transnational Black Imagination: The Muslim International and Sohail Daulatzai’s Black Star and Crescent Moon

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In our post-Reagan, and post-Iranian Revolution moment, black and Muslim bodies have become increasingly entangled as sources of fear, nationalist narratives, and racial scapegoating. Amid the ongoing war on drugs and the war on terror, blackness and Muslimness is consistently used to mobilize consent for and support for increased state power, systemic policing, and a culture of violence. According to Vijay Prashad, “the international Muslim terrorist and the domestic black criminal stand as alibis for revanchism.  Race free criminals (read white) are free from extra detection or from pious fulminations of the political class” (Prashad 2003, p. 75).  Sohail Daulatzai similarly elucidates the dialectics and shared experiences in “Are we all Muslim now? Assata Shakur and the Terrordome,”

As scholars such as Michelle Alexander and Khalil Gibran Muhammad have noted, once the US state defined particular activities as “crime”, it then sought to crack down and control it…

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[Brazil] Homeless In The Name Of FIFA’s World Cup


This text has been written by people in Rio de Janeiro who fight for the working poor terrorized by the state of Brazil in the name of FIFA‘s World Cup. They are witnesses of this aggression and they help the voices of the people, who came under the military threat of tanks and guns, be heard. This is the real World Cup.

Pacifying” Rio de Janeiro and the exodus of the favela-dwellers

“A procession of children, with their parents, carrying the remnants of abandoned homes, mattresses, blankets and bags on a nocturnal odyssey through Rio’s city centre like refugees crossing borders, are heading for refuge in the Cathedral of the city which will be host to the next World Cup.

Thousands were evicted from the long-abandoned Telerj building in Engenho Novo. From six different favelas of the region, they sought a living space in this city where prices have spiraled and had, in the space of a week, invested their resources to build wooden huts. The shock troops of Rio state’s military police which have violently repressed all political protests since June 2013, were unleashed against families with many small children and old people. They threw bombs from low-flying aircraft, torched huts with flame-throwers and sprayed torrents of chemicals at adults and children alike. Four children were reported dead, but this could not be verified. Continue reading

NYPD Will Continue Spying in the Muslim Community With Undercovers, Informants


From Daily Beast

NYPD Will Continue Spying in the Muslim Community With Undercovers, Informants

Officials inside the police department say the end of the Demographic Unit is not the first step in dismantling an intelligence program meant to protect the city from terrorist attacks after 9/11.
The New York City Police Department is curtailing its spying ON the Muslim community, but it will continue spying IN the Muslim community.And it will do so as part of an ongoing counter-terrorism effort that includes the use of undercovers and confidential informants.In fact, the department is training more undercovers even now.So, despite what some may say, the shutdown of the Zone Assessment Unit—previously named the Demographic Unit—is not the first step in dismantling the intelligence operation created under the previous police commissioner, Raymond Kelly.And, despite what some Kelly fans may fear, the city will not suddenly become more vulnerable to an attack.

In fact, New York may be better defended as the NYPD’s Intelligence Division sharpens its focus on what most demands its attention.

The Zone Assessment Unit has indeed been disbanded. And the plainclothes officers once assigned there will no longer be indiscriminately gathering data on mosques, schools, restaurants, and individuals solely on the basis of their religious affiliation.

But the Intelligence Division itself will be no less energetic when it comes to individuals and groups who appear to merit investigation.

“That’s if you have a reason,” a high-ranking police official said. “A reasonable reason.”

The official compared the change in intelligence strategy to the shift in “stop, question, and frisk” tactics in the street.

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[Video/Tour Dates] Warrior Hip-Hop West Coast Tour: Building A Culture of Resistance


From Warrior Hip-Hop West Coast Tour – Donate: Here

Turtle Island

[Watch More Videos From Performers Here]

Zro Prophet of X Vandals  * Savage Family * Alas * Shining Soul

Welcome to the Warrior Hip-Hop Tour fundraising page! The purpose of this tour is to begin to build a culture of resistance through hip hop and art, and to inspire and educate others through hip hop all throughout Turtle Island. 

This tour is bringing together conscious rebel artists from areas now known as new york, washington, arizona and southern cali. There will be tour stops at reservations and illegally occupied cities up and down the West Coast. We are taking our music to the communities where it is most sought after.  We are definitely not going on this tour to get rich, but we would like to accomplish this without going into debt. If you are able to contribute to this crowd-funding initiative, we would like your help to bring our message of strength and dignity to communities that are underprivileged and ignored.  Continue reading

Burning from the Inside

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‘Burning from the Inside’ is a socio-political documentary film, directed by Marsia Tzivara , which takes place in Greece and Germany .

What is the documentary about?

“The film  focuses on the rise of the Greek Nazis ‘Chrisi Avgi’ as the ‘monstrous’ child of the crisis, the changes they brought into Greek society after their entry in parliament in 2012, and their demolition two years later after  the murder of the anti-fascist Pavlos Fissas. Through the ‘trajectory’ of the party, we question the political and social structures of Greek leadership which ‘allowed’ space to fascism and corruption, as well as the functionality of Democracy in the country that gave birth to it. We also focus on the antifascist movement which grew at the same time not only in Greece but also in Germany. In the country that gave birth to Nazism, the Greek immigrants give their own fight against the…

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