Stand with Palestinian workers in Gaza: a call for trade union solidarity


The Palestinian trade union movement, with support from with support from the Congress of South African Trade Unions and its affiliates, is unanimously calling on trade unions internationally to take immediate action to stop the Israeli massacre in Gaza and hold Israel to account for its crimes against the Palestinian people.

In the two weeks of the latest Israeli military aggression in the Gaza strip, whole families have been wiped out, and over 600 Palestinians have been killed, almost 80% of them civilians and a third of them children. Over 1.8 million Palestinians are trapped in an occupied and besieged small piece of land that Israel has turned into an open-air prison, subject to daily bombardment by Israeli rockets and heavy artillery. For seven years, Palestinians in Gaza have been under a brutal and illegal siege whose purpose is to destroy the conditions of life and break the spirit of the people. The siege and the recurrent bombing have created a humanitarian catastrophe, with critical shortages of water, food, and medical supplies. Freedom of movement, the right to education and access to health services have been extensively denied by the Israeli occupation.

Israel’s goal in this latest aggression against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, is to perpetuate the occupation. This year we mark ten years since the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that the construction of Israel’s wall and its associated regime in the occupied Palestinian West Bank – of settlements, land confiscation, separate roads, permit systems and movement restrictions – is illegal under international law. Yet in ten years the international community has allowed Israel to continue construction on occupied territory and continue its system of occupation, apartheid and colonialism against the Palestinian people.

While governments prevaricate and allow Israel to act with utter impunity, and most of the mainstream media parrots Israel’s Orwellian propaganda, civil society solidarity is the only force that can help stop the ongoing slaughter of our people and send them a message that they are not alone, exactly as effective international solidarity had done in supporting the struggle for freedom in apartheid South Africa. In the face of this international inaction, we, the Palestinian trade unions, call on trade unions around the world to take urgent measures, and in particular to intensify Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel, until it complies with international law.

We ask you to consider the following actions:

  1. Stop handling goods imported from or exported to Israel,
  2. Divest your trade union pension — and other — funds from Israel Bonds as well as from corporations and banks that complicit in Israel’s occupation and human rights violations,
  3. Dissociate from Israeli trade unions which are complicit in the occupation
  4. Support our call for a military embargo on Israel
  5. Share information with your members about the siege and destruction of Gaza and ask your members to boycott Israeli products and to share their knowledge with family, co-workers, and friends.

Today more than ever, solidarity with Palestinians workers and their families in Gaza and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territory is an essential component of progressive, principled trade union politics. Given the complete failure and unwillingness of governments to hold Israel accountable to international law there is widespread recognition that Israel’s occupation must be isolated by the pressure of civil society.

We rely on our brothers and sisters in the trade union movement internationally to continue a proud tradition of international solidarity and to stand with us as you stood with the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.

Issued by the following Palestinian trade unions:
Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions-Gaza
General Union of Palestinian Workers
Union of Professional Associations
Federation of Independent Trade Unions

With the support of:
Congress of South African Trade Unions


Call For Action From Palestinian Anarchists

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.40.19 PM

From Palestinian Anarchists

Israel continue the aggression on Gaza, And Egypt government still closed Rafah border in face of Palestinian Civilians and injured, it’s a genocide…

We Ask you Comrades to Start organize a real Demonstration in front of Egyptian Embassy for the sake of Gaza to force it to Open the Borders..

Lets Start to Organize it, I can’t believe this all happen, it’s Genocide in Gaza

[PHOTOS] Egyptians Defy Military Regime And Show Solidarity With Gaza

[PHOTOS] Egyptians Defy Military Regime And Show Solidarity With Gaza



Despite Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s close collaboration with the Israeli Occupation Forces and siege of Gaza, Egyptians have staged solidarity actions across the country against Israeli aggression.

The actions have mostly been ignored by both the Egyptian and Western media, with some inside Cairo inciting hatred against Palestinians and political figures declaring “Israel is not the enemy.


[ESP] [FOTOGRAFÍAS] Egipcios desafían al régimen militar y muestran solidaridad con Gaza

A pesar de la estrecha colaboración Abdel Fattah el-Sisi con las Fuerzas Israelíes de Ocupación y asedio de Gaza, los egipcios han organizado acciones de solidaridad en todo el país contra la agresión israelí.
Las acciones en su mayoría han sido ignoradas por ambos, tanto por los medios de comunicación egipcios como los occidentales, con algunos dentro Cairo incitando al odio contra los palestinos y figuras políticas declarando “Israel no es el enemigo.”


[IT] [Foto] Egiziani Sfidano Il Regime Militare E Mostrano Solidarietà A Gaza

Nonostante la stretta collaborazione di Abdel Fattah el-Sisi con le forze di occupazione israeliane e l’assedio di Gaza, gli egiziani hanno dato vita nel paese ad azioni di solidarietà contro l’aggressione israeliana.

Tali azioni sono state per lo piu’ ignorate dai media sia egiziani che occidentali, alcuni del quali al Cairo hanno istigato all’odio contro i palestinesi e contro figure politiche dichiarando “Israele non è il nemico.”


July 28:  Beni Suef


July 25: Alexandria


July 25: Baltim


July 24: Imbaba


July 22: Port Said


July 19: Kerdasa


July 14: Cairo


July 12: Tanta, Gharbiya

Israel murdered an #Anonymous. He was Legion. 1 of us:  Tayyeb Shehadah RIP (Updated)

Israel murdered an #Anonymous. He was Legion. 1 of us: Tayyeb Shehadah RIP (Updated)

Originally posted on Occupied Palestine | فلسطين:

By occpal | July 25, 2014 | Last Update July 28, 2014

10526094_758298064211738_5549659573669904303_nAside more than 1032 deaths and over 6000 wounded in Gaza (updated July 26, 2014) in Israel’s ongoing carnage, which is extending itself to the westbank as well. Today there where at least 6 people killed and hundreds wounded by the zionist occupation forces.

One of them, Tayyeb Abu Shehada, was assassinated by a shot in the head in Huwwara, West Bank of Palestine near Nablus on Friday after both Israeli settlers and soldiers opened fire on demonstrators. He was killed by sniperfire with a shot beneath the eye as can be seen on the photo below slightly below the right eye on the Guy Fawkes mask he was wearing. he adored #Anonymous.

Update July 27, 2014

According to Red Crescent medic, Ahmed Owda, a female Israeli sniper shot Tayeb in the face. Her sergeant then congratulated her

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Unist’ot’en Camp Evicted a Fracked Gas Pipeline Crew from their Territories

From Vice

The Unist’ot’en Camp, a pipeline blockade on unsurrendered indigenous land in the interior of BC, peacefully evicted a pipeline crew that was found trespassing in their territories earlier this week. The crew was conducting preliminary work for TransCanada’s Coastal GasLink pipeline project, which the company hopes will carry fracked gas from north eastern BC to Canada’s pacific coast.

Where the eviction took place, multiple fracked gas and tar sands pipelines have been planned without consent from the Unist’ot’en clan. The clan has never surrendered their lands, signed treaties, or lost in war to Canada or BC. Under a system of governance that predates Canada by thousands of years, the Unist’ot’en have taken an uncompromising stance: All pipelines are banned from their territories. Continue reading

The Brutal Murder of Al-Kilany Family and Every Innocent Mustn’t Be Forgiven

Originally posted on PALESTINE FROM MY EYES:

All those who appear in this photo were murdered in one F16 attack against the building which they sought as refuge. This photo is what remains of them

All those who appear in this photo were murdered in one F16 attack against the building which they sought as refuge. This photo is what remains of them.

“Dad, I don’t want to die. Let us leave here,” six-year old Yasmin Al-Kilany screamed to her father while she was sitting on his lap, terrified. Then her 8-year-old brother, Yasir, also started nagging his father to leave. The children’s ability to cope with the horrors of life in the northern Gazan city of Beit-Lahya had clearly been extinguished, so their father, Ibrahim, decided to move.

Beit-Lahya, which is under continuous and random shelling from missiles, F16s and tanks, is almost empty now. A huge number of Palestinian families fled to the UNRWA schools, which have suffered a growing humanitarian crisis as a result. Almost 102,000 people have taken shelter in 69 schools, according to UNRWA.

The Al-Kilany family fled to Al-Shijaeyya…

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