[Action Alert Oct 10th- 13th] A National Call to Action: Weekend of Resistance – Ferguson

From OBS – Organization for Black Struggle

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Ferguson_WeekendResist_1200x1200_3We are in a movement moment.

What began as a local call for Justice for Mike Brown has grown into a nationwide shout for justice. Mike Brown falls in a long line of others killed as a result of systemic racial bias and violence against black and brown communities. John Crawford, III, Ezel Ford, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, Marilyn Banks and countless others named and unnamed have been killed through the excessive use of force by law enforcement.  

As droves of people, many of them young and black, took to the streets of Ferguson in resistance and to demand justice for Mike Brown, thousands of others joined in solidarity around the country. The interconnectedness of our struggles became clear. Police brutality and excessive use of force against young people of color, militarized policing, poverty, economic inequality, and the absence of real participatory democracy deeply harm our communities from Dayton, OH to Los Angeles, CA.

The uprisings in Ferguson and mobilizations around the country represent a desire by community members to claim their right to self-determination, energy to strengthen a movement for racial justice,  and end violence against black and brown communities.

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[Commemoration] 48th anniversary of the Black Panther Party: Birthday Celebration for Jalil Muntaqim, Solidarity with Trayvon 2

By Aisha Mohammed

Return of the Mecca: The Art of Islam and Hip-Hop [OCT 04 - NOV22]

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.21.58 AMFrom Sohail Daulatzai

Rakim. Public Enemy. A Tribe Called Quest. Gang Starr. Ice Cube. The Wu-Tang Clan. Mos Def. Lupe Fiasco. Jay Electronica. To many, these are some of hip-hop’s most significant artists. But few know that these artists, like many others, identify as Muslim and/or are connected to the larger world of Islam. Return of the Mecca will showcase these histories of hip-hop and Islam through film, video, sound, photography and album cover art.

Exhibit Dates: October 4-November 22
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Northern Cree occupy Manitoba Hydro dam over longstanding grievances

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:

Manitoba Hydro occupation 1By Tim Fontaine, APTN National News, Sept 29, 2014
Members of a northern First Nation have begun occupying a hydroelectric dam over longstanding grievances with Manitoba Hydro.

The Jenpeg Generating Station is located 19 kilometres from the Cree community of Cross Lake.

Tommy Monias lives in Cross Lake and is taking part in the occupation. Monias told APTN National News late Sunday that the occupation started Friday and people have been maintaining the camp in shifts, with around 10 people at the site at any given time.

Monias says RCMP are monitoring the situation but the occupiers told them it’s going to be a peaceful protest.

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[Video/Pics] Anger in the streets of Ferguson After Police Watch Mike Brown Memorial Burn to the Ground

Photo from We Copwatch

Photo from We Copwatch

Anger in the streets of Ferguson‬ after residents wake to Mike Brown‬‘s vigil set on fire and police provocations:

200 or more people hit the streets after waking to the news that Mike Brown’s memorial was set ablaze and police watched as it burned.  Small fires and minor property damage were reported. Shots were also fired, but it is unclear whether the shots came from protestors or police. No one was reported injured in the shooting, but police did  attack a group of 50 to 75 protestors who retaliated with rocks and bottles.

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Webinar: Indigenous Resistance to Mount Polley Mining Disaster

A webinar on Indigenous Resistance to the Mount Polley Mining Disaster was held yesterday. Watch the uncut video here:

From Idle No More:

“Industry is an attack on our very existence as Indigenous people. We need to uphold our responsibilities to our lands and territories”.Kanahus Manuel

‘Indigenous Resistance to the Mount Polley Mining Distaster’ will be the third webinar from the #TurnTheTables webinar series organized by Idle No More and Defenders of the Land.

Moderator Kanahus Manuel
Kanahus Manuel is a mother of four and a grassroots community organizer from the Secwepemc Nation. She has been arrested for upholding her inherent responsibilities to protect the land and water. Kanahus is part of the Native Youth Movement, and started the Sacred Fire in her territory in response to the recent Mount Polley tailings spill, which has devastated the freshwater salmon populations in Secwepemc territory.

Secwepemc Elder Jean William
Jean William is a Secwepemc Elder and a Secwepemc language teacher who was born and raised in T’exelc. She is an expert of her Secwepemc culture, and has extensive knowledge of the cultural, spiritual and historical significance of the area impacted by the Mount Polley tailings disaster.

Education and Research Joan Kuyak
Joan Kuyek is a strategist, researcher and educator living in Ottawa. She was the founding National Co-ordinator of MiningWatch Canada from 1999-2009. Joan teaches Mining Law, Policy and Communities at Queen’s University Law School (Law 514), Community Development and Social Change (SW3206) at Carleton University, and Mines and Communities in the CESD program of Algoma University Spring Institute.

[English Subtitled Film] El Violin

El Violin


El violín narra la historia del octagenario Plutarco, su hijo Genaro y su nieto Lucio, quienes llevan una doble vida, pues además de ser músicos rurales y campesinos, participan en la guerrilla que planea levantarse en armas contra del gobierno opresor durante la Guerra sucia en México. Cuando llega el ejército al pueblo los guerrilleros huyen y abandonan las municiones y se van al bosque. Con su apariencia inofensiva de músico anciano, Don Plutarco Hidalgo (interpretado por Ángel Tavira) tiene el plan de recuperar las armas escondidas en su parcela de maíz.

English Translation:

The violin is the story of octogenarian Plutarco, his son Genaro and his grandson Lucio, who lead double lives; rural musicians and farmers, but also supporters of guerrillas who plan to take up arms against the oppressive government of Mexico and its Dirty Wars. When the army reaches their village, the guerrillas  are forced to flee leaving behind ammunition and hiding in the forest. With the innocent appearance of an old musician, Don Plutarco Hidalgo (played by Ángel Tavira) has a plan to recover the weapons hidden on his plot of corn.
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